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2006 Mercedes Sprinter 118 SHC

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118 Shorty. Turbo Diesel. High Roof


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Perhaps the most unique, and least common Mercedes Sprinter offered in the North American market. This is a 2006 Mercedes Sprinter 118 Wheelbase, Super high roof. It’s the final year of the T1N, first generation of Sprinters known for their more simple mechanics, lack of complex diesel emissions systems, and robust longevity. This particular example touts a meticulous maintenance record and ownership history. It was purchased new by a medical supply company in Oklahoma in late 2006. It left their service in 2010 and was purchased by the owner of The Sprinter Store / Upscale Automotive in Tualatin, OR as his personal gem. For the next 12 years it was completely gone through mechanically, the Sprinter store installed a lower mileage engine, just because they could. When that was done at 212,000 miles it promptly received a brand new set of OEM Mercedes injectors, as well as a whole host of other services during it’s life there, all done properly by the experts at the Sprinter Store, with Mercedes parts. This van comes with an entire folder of paperwork from 2006 up to now, documenting most if not all of it’s service history. Simply put, it has been (over) maintained. It is dialed in and presents and drives like a van with much much less miles than show on the odometer. These 118 high roofs are exceptionally rare birds, with a turning radius roughly the same as a Subaru wagon, and an interior standing height of over 6ft, they are an incredibly versatile and nimble platform. Very economical to run, this van gets 27mpg on the highway. In 2022 it received a Camel Adventure all aluminum custom roof rack, set up specifically for this van. The rack has a rear roller bar, side mount legs where you can mount rotopax, shovels, etc to – it has awning brackets on the passenger side so it is set up to receive an awning of your choice, should you want one. The front portion of the rack is set up to receive a 175w solar panel, where it can be flush mounted. Solar mounting brackets for the rack are also included! The van presents with no rust, no body damage, no mechanical issues. Everything works as it should, and the van smells like new on the inside. Drives like new, and is ready to be taken on adventures or put to work. Use it as a motor van, work van, overland rig, stealth camper, daily driver, grocery getter, whatever you want. You won’t find a better condition, all original 118 Shorty Cargo High Roof Sprinter out there, regardless of mileage. This is a gem and hoping it goes to a good home.

2006 Mercedes T1N 118 Super High Roof Sprinter. Only 16.4ft Long
Diesel OM647 2.7 Liter Inline 5 Turbo diesel engine. Powerful and efficient. Gets 24-27MPG
228k Miles on the Odometer (Newer overhauled Engine installed 14k miles ago by the Sprinter Store )
Cruise Control, AC, Heat, Power Windows, Power Locks, 2 Key Fobs.
Scanguage II – Monitor engine stats in real time
All maintenance records. The van has been extensively maintained runs like a clock.
New Camel Adventure Aluminum Roof Rack with awning mounts, rear roller bar, solar panel mounts. ($3,500)
Malone Tune ( EGR Delete, improved performance and fuel economy )
Premium Bulkhead with sliding / latching door
Hitch Reciever
Running Boards
Upgraded Pioneer Head Unit with Bluetooth, Upgraded Cab Polk Audio Speakers ( original becker unit and speakers included)
Passenger Side Seat Bottom lockable door.
Front Bug Deflector
Dynamat Sound deadening on rear interior for improved noise reduction
Airvent Cab Window Inserts (Set)
Rear Koni Shocks

Extensive and Meticuluos Service History:
1/25/2023: Exhaust Clamp and Seal Replaced with OEM (At MB Tech ) @ 228k miles
10/27/2022: Both Pulleys and tensioner replaced, Idler replaced, Fuel tank door bumpers refreshed,Serptentine Belt Replaced, 2 Radiator Hoses replaced, High Pressure fuel pump rubber lines replaced, High pressure fuel pump resealed,HIgh pressure fuel pump O Rings replaced, 5 Glow Plugs replaced, Glow Plug module prelaced, Water Pump Replaced, Driveline Support Bearing Replaced, Radiator Mount rubber refreshed, Coolant Replaced ( All new Mbenz Parts done by MB Tech ) @ 227k Miles
6/22/2022: New Oil Change and Oil Filter, Oil Drain Plug replaced, Turbo Resonator Replaced, Brake Light Switch Replaced. All Mbenz parts used ( Done by MB Tech ) @ 224,959 Miles
5/17/2022: AC System Recharged. Done by Sprinter Store/ Upscale Auto @ 224897 Miles
5/21/2021: Oil and Filter. New Turbo Intake Hose assembly and Air Intake Temp Sener @ 224,377.
3/11/2020: New Oil and Filter, New Air Filter, new Fuel filter Done by Sprinter Store/ Upscale Auto @ 223,758
7/2/2018: New Oil and Filter. Trans Service with valve body updates, cooling sys flush, PS flush and Service Done by Sprinter Store/ Upscale Auto @ 222,613.
10/10/2019. Alternator replaced
5/8/2018: New Oil and Filter, New AIr Filter, New fuel filter. new Cabin filter, Rear Brake Pads, AGM Start Battery, Brake Flush, R Diff Fluid, Rotate Tires.Done by Sprinter Store/ Upscale Auto @ 222,372.
8/1/2017: Brake Switch Replaced.Done by Sprinter Store/ Upscale Auto
7/22/17: Fuel Filter ReplacedDone by Sprinter Store/ Upscale Auto
8/1/2016: Oil and Filter. Air Filter. Fuel Filter. Done by Sprinter Store/ Upscale Auto
12/10/14: Running Boards Installed. New Fuel Cap. O Ring Trans Plug. Sprinter Store @ 217,998
02/12/14: Installed new EGR Valve and cleaned passages Sprinter Store @ 216,585
7/1/2013. New Tires
09/07/2011: New Battery @ 215,763
04/29/2011: New Cam sensor. New Front Struts. New Crank Position Sensor, Thermostat, Coolant Replaced, Vacuum Pump O Ring. Sprinter Store @ 215,551
03/31/2011: Fuel Pump O Rings, New valve cover gasket, 5 new Injectors and new injector seals and injector bolts, Fuel Filter, Cabin Filter, Exhaust Seal, Turbo gasket oil line, Oil Seal, Turbo MTG Gasket, Exhaust manifold gasket / studs / nuts. Trans filter kit, New trans oil. New oil Filter, Trans o Ring / Sleeve. New Rear shocks. Exhaust manifold. Lower Mileage motor recieved all these updates, and new head, new head gasket, new head bolts. New motor installed with all these new parts. Done by The Sprinter Store @ 214,500 Miles
02/21/2011: New Hose clamps, SPrinter air intake temp sensors, new brake booster, new crankd ampnr, new AC condenser, Tensioner, belt, idler, hoses. AC system recharged The Sprinter Store / Upscale Auto @ 214,498.




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