Frequently Asked Questions

We tend to focus on unique, functional and inspiring cars. We love JDM – Japanese Domestic Model cars, because they are known to be bullet proof, and there are a lot of cool ones! Anything that’s over 25 years old is strictly what we import. We tend to have preference on diesel and 4x4 vehicles!
What you see listed in our inventory is here, on location in the USA. We hand pick exceptional cars from Japan, and around the world. We can also do a custom order, if you have a specific need. Please contact us and we are happy to help you find your ideal vehicle.
No, not at all. All of our vehicles have been brought in and are 100% legally cleared by customs. They are road legal and ready to be registered here in the USA! No parts car rebuilds, loopholes, vin swaps, or any games. You get a 25 year US Customs released car, guaranteed.
No, we do not offer any type of financial assistance at the moment.
No, all prices are the out the door price. This will get you everything you need to get your vehicle registered in your state!
Most certainly! We offer fully arranged door to door shipping on all of our vehicles. Anywhere in the world, at the buyers expense.
Unfortunately due to the age and nature of imported vehicles we do not offer any warranty or returns. However, upon potential purchase you are invited to get the vehicle fully inspected by your mechanic.