4x4 Toyota Ambulance for sale


1996 Toyota Himedic Ambulance

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V8. 4WD. 61k Miles.


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This is a 1996 Toyota Himedic Ambulance. It was the top of the line Ambulance that could be purchased directly from Toyota by Government entities only. This was never offered to private costumers in Japan. The Himedic 4WD model sold new for 28,500,000 yen, including all medical equipment, according to the sales brochure from 1994. These cost around $230,000.00 USD when purchased new. An astounding amount for a Toyota van, but this is  not just any Toyota van. Perhaps the only example in North America so far, this van only has 61,000 original miles. Bumper to bumper it measures 17.5 ft in length, and stands 8 feet tall. The interior standing height in the rear is 6.1ft. It features exterior molded fiberglass lockable storage compartments, offering storage for lengthier and thinner items – such as recovery gear, camping gear, and other accessories that you may want to access from the outside. It’s powered by the Toyota / Lexus 4.0 Liter V8 1UZ-FE Engine. The same engine that powers the Lexus LS400, SC400, Toyota Crown, Lexus GS400. This was the predecessor of the 2UZ-FE Engine that powered 100 series Land Cruiser, 1st-2nd Gen Tundra, 4Runner, LX470, GX470, and Sequoia. This makes the van a rocket, with it’s smooth, quiet power delivery putting out around 261 horsepower – this is leaps and bounds ahead of any other Hiace or Toyota van you will find out on the market. Not to mention, drivetrain, and engine parts are readily available in North America, as the 1UZ was sold here in large numbers.

The package is completed with the molded roof lights, sirens, and all other ambulatory accoutrements. Double rear view mirrors, light truck exterior mirrors, and even a passenger side mirror make visibility paramount. Of course it has power locks, power windows, front and rear AC + Heat. The rear is outfitted with everything as it was originally, including sink, various storage cabinets and closets, a rear bench that converts into additional seating, a rear facing belted seat, upper fluorescent, and incandescent lighting throughout. A rear vent van controlled from front or rear. The exterior passenger side is wrapped in factory sliding smoked glass windows, allowing for privacy when needed. This van is only one of 1,200 produced between 1994 and 2000 in Japan. This is an ideal candidate for an overland or camper build. With more interior space than any other Toyota van ever produced, and one of only 1200 with a V8. You can have the ultimate adventure mobile. It’s ready for a new adventure.

1996 Toyota Himedic V8 4WD
Seats 4 with Seat belts, 3 additional without belts.
17.5ft Long, 8ft Tall.
Interior Rear is 6.1ft standing height.
Working lights, sirens, and all
Includes all original ambulance accessories and equipment ( minus O2 tanks )
One of 1,200 ever produced with a V8.
Wider, longer, and taller than a standard Hiace, Townace, Liteace, etc.
Everything works as it should.
1UZFE Lexus V8 Engine – 260 HP.






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