1994 Toyota Dyna Double Cab Fire Truck

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14B Diesel Engine, 4x4, 4,200 Miles.


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I know we say this about all of our vehicles – but this is a real diamond in the rough for many reasons. This was an in-service fire truck for the past 25 years in Iwade City outside of Wakayama Japan, just south of Osaka. It lived there from 1994 until the end of 2018. It was regularly maintained, serviced, garaged, and washed as per fire service specs for the entirety of it’s life. Despite being in service for this time, the truck only has 6,780 original kilometers or 4,200 original miles on the odometer. It is a true time piece, all original annd all functional. Nothing has been stripped off of it, even after it’s depature from service. It still retains funcitoning lights, sirens, PA, and rear Morita firebox with working pumps and hoses. It’s quite amazing, and draws attention wherever it goes. This is built on the Toyota Dyna 250 chassis which was the heaviest of duty of Toyota’s commerical truck line. These are way more robust and on an entirely different quality level than the Hiace fire truck variants.  It’s a 2 ton truck with the 14B 3,700cc diesel engine mated to a robust 5 speed gearbox. It features an exhaust brake, factory PTO, factory air conditioning, a hi-lo speed transfer case, AISIN manual locking hubs which engage a true 4wd system. It has solid front and rear axles. It also is the bubble top chassis, only made for the fire spec trucks featuring more headroom and built in storage pockets to the headliner. These were intentionally built with more headspace to acommodate firefighters wearing helmets inside the cab. It seats 5 comfortably with pleny of room inside the double cab. It’s a turn key truck, and ready to roll out. Completely serviced. Not a single issue, no rust, no wear or tear. It’s truly like new and extremely versatile.

Additionally: If you are interested in this truck but do not want the fire box on it, we are also happy to facilitate installing a flat bed, ute bed, or a bed of your choice on it for you. Please inquire for more info on this option.

1994 Toyota Dyna 250 Factory Fire Spec Bubble Top Double Cab 4×4
4,200 Original Miles. These are easily half a million mile engines and trucks.
5 Speed manual transmission – cruises comfortably at 65-70 on the freeway.
Toyota 14B Diesel Engine. Very strong engine, timing gear driven. 3.7 liters, good fuel economy – tons of torque
Factory AC ( extremely rare to find this on fire spec trucks), Heat, PTO, Siren, PA, and Lights – all in great working condition.
5 Seater, 2 front, 3 rear. Plenty of room. Rear bench folds up to make even more storage room.
Solid Front and Rear Axles
Rear Morita Fire box with working pump, gauges, controls, hoses. Very well made and in excellent condition. ( This can be removed if you prefer a normal truck bed, please ask about this option)
Upholstery and floor mats are all original and in excellent shape
Paint, frame, undercarriage are pristine. No real scratches, dents, rust, corrosion, or fading anywhere.


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