This is a 1994 Toyota Sprinter Wagon 4x4 , Diesel, and 5 speed manual


1994 Toyota Corolla Sprinter Wagon

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68k Miles. 4WD. Diesel. 5 Speed


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We are delighted to present to you an ultra rare, commercial spec 1994 Toyota Corolla / Sprinter Wagon. These CE109 chassis code Corolla and Sprinter wagons were built over a number of years and are an exceptionally special flavor of the corolla wagon. This one is outfitted with the ultra reliable 2C diesel engine, a 5 speed manual transmission sending power to all 4 wheels via Toyota’s All-wheel drive aka Alltrac system. This is a brilliant package because it’s the ultimate workhorse. Known to run forever, and favored Siberia and Russia to be used on some of the most abusive roads on earth. They just keep going. The 2C engine in this configuration yields anywhere from 35-45MPG, making fill ups at the pump a non-issue. The spartan interior and exterior means it’s a breeze to maintain. Manual windows, manual locks, manual transmission. It is finished in Toyota 040 single stage white, original factory paint. The interior is mostly vinyl, making it super easy to keep clean, and rinse out when needed. This one was well kept, as most of these get used up. This one somehow survived the storm, and was extremely well kept. It was regularly maintained and received a new timing belt and water pump on schedule, 2 years ago, at 100,000km. The exterior and interior was left original, featuring all weather Toyota floor mats front and rear. Factory rain visors on the two front windows as well. The cabin has functioning AC and Heat, which both work well and a rear power locking tailgate as well. The middle row folds forward melifluously, creating a very nice cargo bed for carrying of any and all items / cargo / furniture / whatever else you want to haul! We doubt we’ll find another one of these in quite this condition!


1994 Toyota Corolla / Sprinter Wagon
68,000 original miles
All Wheel Drive / All Trac
5 Speed Manual Transmission shifts well / strong
Toyota 2C, 2 Liter diesel engine, achieves 35-45MPG
Factory AM Radio
AC and Heat work well
Power Steering
Power Rear locking hatch
Factory Front Rain Visors
Factory Toyota All Weather floor mats

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