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1992 Toyota Hiace GL

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105k Miles. 5 Door. 4x4. 5 Speed. Diesel


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These GL Hiace Vans were the commercial spec versions, the “workhorses”, of the Hiace realm. This one is optioned in the medium wheelbase, which sports an interior cargo length of over 10ft long from the engine hump to the rear gate! More storage room than a full size pickup truck bed. They are exceptionally rare to find in anything that resembles even close to clean condition, because by now, 25 years later, these have more than than carried their weight, and paid their dues, and put in some serious work overseas. Fiinding one that hasn’t, is very uncommon. This 1992 HiaceGL is one of those few examples.Complete in it’s original two-tone color, with period correct decals. This one is powered by the Toyota 3L 2.8 liter diesel engine, a no fuss motor that has 0 electronics, ECUs, computers – making it fully mechanical, simple to maintain, and run. This engine is mated to a manual 5 Speed transaxle, complete with a proper part-time transfer case with hi and lo range. AISIN locking hubs are located on the front to provide part-time 4wd. This van is as close to a Toyota truck drivetrain as you could have gotten. From 1995 and onward, Toyota did away with the part-time transfer case, and hi and lo range on the Hiaces. This van is the ultimate utility spec Hiace. Truly built to work, this one is an ultra rare 5 door spec, featuring the rare double sliding doors. It has the manual light truck heavier duty mirrors, manual roll up windows, AC, Heat, and power locks. The rear features plentiful glass and 50/50 sliders on 2 of the 4 rear windows. It has a single modular rear bench, which folds forward to stow, or can easily be removed for full cargo spaciousnesss. The rear bench is not belted. Functioning heat and AC, everything works on this van as it should. It is ready to roll out to on your next camping trip, job site, or just look funky sitting in your driveway / garage.

1992 Toyota Hiace GL, Commercial spec. 5 Door!
3L 2.8 Liter Diesel Engine, fully mechanical diesel. No ECUs, or computerized nonsense to worry about breaking.
105k Original Mmiles
Medium Wheelbase, 10ft+ of cargo length behind the front seats.
Heavier Duty Rear end, designed for higher payloud capacity
Proper 4×4, Hi + Lo Range part time transfer case.
5 Speed Manual Transmission, shifts strong and smoothly.
Heavier duty “light truck” factory mirrors, amazing visbility.
Power Locks, AC, Heat.
Original Paint and Decals
Seats 3 Up Front with belts. 1 bench in rear ( no belts ) Folds away, or easily removed.
Tie down points in rear of van for tying down cargo.
Safety Bars / Partition in rear, for protection from cargo. Can easily be removed.
Factory Front and rear curtains for added privacy
50/50 Slider Factory Windows in Rear.
Rear “step-in” factory bumper.

A few body dings from use as a work rig and rock chips are present.
Front Seats have some slight staining, cigarette holes, and wear at driver seat side bolster from use.

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